Who is Yani Choirmistress?

Yani's focused mission is to impart her wealth of experience and knowledge to others. Being a highly experienced and proficient performer/singer-actor (and perpetual learner), this drive has seen her travel extensively as a performer, choir director, bandleader, and workshop facilitator since 1993.
She is an astute and highly in demand private vocal coach who has worked in Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Italy, and Canada and the U.S and Bali (both multiple times).




Yani seeks to not only spark joy but aims to 'switch the light on' for her students. She understands how singing can often be a ‘full body contact sport’ so she offers more than just working with the voice. She has great abilities in teaching body percussion, stagecraft, and performance confidence workshops (her main passion). 


She is also a keen and prolific event producer, camp and retreat facilitator, youth singing mentor, MC,  and now, with public speaker added to the list in recent years. That immense practical experience in helping people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, and abilities along with her wit, warmth, versatility, and honed ability to ‘read the room’ has resulted in a reputation that precedes her.


Yani's teaching style is not only practical, fun, and engaging, but her techniques come from both experience and an inherent understanding of what singing and vulnerability are all about, and what people need, not just in the moment but for their long term success. She has helped countless individuals and groups and assisted them to overcome their stage fright, fall in love with their own voice, and sing with a true understanding of who they are, with heart, conviction, self-assurance, and emotion.

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Want To Ask Something?

Want To Ask Something?