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What Singing With Yani offer you?
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Private Singing Lessons

One on One
Two on One 

Small-Group Lessons - 4 to 5 maximum

All of these lessons can be on Zoom

go to Lessons for more info

What are Singing Lessons with Yani like?
Yani has been teaching since 1993 and is a fast and expert reader of voices and what the singer needs. 
No cookie-cutter lessons, all bespoke training after taking a thorough assessment of your voice
Lessons are $99/hour for all students and $145/for 90 mins
Yani also welcomes groups sessions for vocal ensembles, performance groups, audition, and competition prep so that you sparkle shine, and triumph (check out Yani’s extensive testimonials 

Voice and Confidence Coaching

Group Voice and Confidence Coaching, including Audition Prep and public speaking mentoring

Singing Events

The Social Distance Sing (Zoom distance group choir) Starting up again soon

ROAR Choir

ROAR Choir (via audition tape) Gospel styles, African styles and Uplifting Pop (secular Gospel choir)

How do I join Yani’s regular choir ROAR?
With a pre-recorded audition (ie no live auditions)
We require an easy audition (prerecorded) where members only have to demonstrate an ability to sing in tune (ie. don't have to have a professionally trained voice) and that you ably demonstrate having rhythm esp the ability to clap or click on the 2 beat and 4 beat (polyrhythms). 
To make it fair everyone goes through this process and we sometimes will ask for a second demonstration and ability to take direction. We may also suggest a few lessons or mentoring to prepare you for the choir which is energetic, includes (choralography) dance/movement, rhythmic clapping, and powerful songs that require some stamina. We also stand for most of the 2 hours

Where? Graceville  Brisbane (in case of lockdown protocols, we use Zoom classes instead which is still part of the process and includes training, warm-ups, learning, and social connections
When? Monday nights
What time? 7-9 pm (arrive at 6.45)
How often? 46 weeks of the year, give or take. 
What is it like? It’s a funky choir that incorporates, energy, stamina, movements, clapping, lyrics in LOTE (languages other than English) Our emphasis is on social cohesion, belonging, and connection and asks that choir members contribute to the good vibes and ambiance. 
Costs? Term rates are approx $25 per night plus you can purchase your choir learning resources for half price on the choir members page
ROAR has been going since 2004 and enjoys a nearly 250 plus repertoire. As a result, w can e no longer take beginner singers. 

Song Arrangements

Recorded Arrangements for choir or vocal group


Subscriptions are payment plans for services like Singing lessons and Singing events like The Social Distance Sing


Membership is registering on the homepage and keeps track of the services that you are on, your accounts and signs you up for the newsletter to let you know of all the benefits offered to you. Members can subscribe to a regular payment plan





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